Speaking of potatoes…

Yup. I’m hot for potatoes. Preferably fried, but this time…

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…..I can’t get enough of printing with potatoes, especially when they can transform one of the most widely-owned pieces of furniture from Ikea.  Continue reading

Finding ideas and resources online: home improvement gets social

More and more people are turning to the Web for ideas on how to improve their homes. It seems like there’s a new start-up each week that’s trying to connect homeowners to contractors and other homeowners so everyone can get inspired, spread ideas, and share stories. I get it. It’s a hot space.

Since I’ve spent many years working for various Internet companies, I thought I’d do a little comparison on a couple that seem hot right now, and also introduce some of the ones that are hoping to join them. Continue reading

Mirror mirror

Growing up in Asia, I kept hearing about feng shui and how placement of furniture can have an effect on your love life, finances, health, and overall well being.

Mom would tell me, “Don’t put your bed there, facing the window! It’s bad feng shui!” It scared me so much that at one point, I honestly believed I was going to be kidnapped by large birds right from my bedroom during my sleep. And this is why I never read too much about the topic. I’d spend my life wondering if my placement of a table led to the untimely death of my goldfish, or some other tragedy in my life. Continue reading