Hottie of the week

Mid century manifesto.


All hail the symbol of mid century modern living: the Eichler home. Joseph Eichler was a real estate developer during the 50’s and 60’s whose vision was to build communities of affordable housing for families with great design in mind. Continue reading

It’s a hot one

The weather is a common topic of conversation in San Francisco. That’s because there are microclimates up the yin yang throughout the city and surrounding areas, and the seasons are not distinct. When I first moved here, friends warned me of the drastic weather differences from hood to hood. It was such a strange concept to me since I was used to living in the Northwest where the weather is pretty constant everywhere: rain, clouds and rain.

Rain is something that has been out of sight in San Francisco for the last few days. It’s been unseasonable warm — hot, in fact (hot to us equates to anything above 75 degrees F because we can’t handle extremities here). Continue reading