Speaking of potatoes…

Yup. I’m hot for potatoes. Preferably fried, but this time…

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…..I can’t get enough of printing with potatoes, especially when they can transform one of the most widely-owned pieces of furniture from Ikea.  Continue reading


Yes, I said the “f” word – the one that gets more attention than the other “f” word. I admit it, I spend waaaayyy too much time looking through trash in search of treasure. Does it pay off? Certainly. And this time, I’m doing it for you. We’re talkin’ FREE stuff, people! No buyer’s remorse!


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Modern takes on Shaker furniture

I thought I’d shake things up a little today.

Photo credit: jasbecker.com

Can I get a collective “WANT!!” from the audience? Contrary to popular belief, I admire more than just mid century modern design. My love for Shaker furniture dates back to the early 90’s — a time in my life when I visited New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania regularly. One of my favorite things to do was to browse the goods at the New Hope Flea Market, where I got acquainted with Shaker furniture. Continue reading