As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: a cake to bake

Happy New Year! Put that resolution aside, because…cake.

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I’m posting about food for the very first time, which is really odd given how obsessed I am with eating. But with the endless amount of baking and cooking I experienced over the holidays, I just have to share. Feast your eyes on the easiest and most delicious specimen of baked goods known to man kind.  Continue reading

DIY brown paper wreath

‘Tis the season to recycle.


I know what you’re thinking. Here she goes again, making something out of nothing. I PRIDE myself on it, people! And it’s the holidays. I’m always a proponent for being frugal when it’s feasible this time of the year.  Continue reading

Speaking of potatoes…

Yup. I’m hot for potatoes. Preferably fried, but this time…

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…..I can’t get enough of printing with potatoes, especially when they can transform one of the most widely-owned pieces of furniture from Ikea.  Continue reading