Paper lanterns out of furniture catalogs

A few weeks ago, we received what I thought were multiple copies of telephone books delivered to our door. Turns out, it was a home furnishings giant that went full on cray cray with their catalogs. “WTF?” I thought to myself. “Do something about it!” my alter ego responded.

photo (71)

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Things that make you go hm….

I thought I’d take a break from home decor to talk about my other great love: fashion. That’s right, folks, I’m also hot for haute couture. Actually, I’m just as thrifty when it comes to clothing. “Haute couture” only exists in my vocabulary by default of being married to my Euro hubby.

So what force of evil made me temporarily abandon my love for all things home and furniture?


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Hot for Hans, heritage…and HomeGoods?

Being a natural-born bargain hunter, I admit to holding a special place in my heart for discount stores. I paid frequent visits to TJ Maxx/HomeGoods in Santa Clara before moving back to the City because of its proximity to my home and work at the time. I often felt immersed in a cloud of gratification whenever someone would compliment me on a purchase, giving me the opportunity to declare, “I only paid XXX for it!!” Yes, I’m one of those.

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