A Teaspoon of Love

I’m about to get political, everyone, so if you don’t want to read about my reaction to the recent elections, check out my other page filled with DIY OVERLOAD.

Like a lot of folks around our great country, I felt numbness and emptiness when I learned about the results. “How did this happen?” “No fffffffffffffffffff….infinity way!” “WHAT?” These were my original thoughts. Then slowly, these thoughts became, “OMGGGGGWHATTHEFACKITYFACKITY” and similar expressions.

Fast forward to today and I’ve had time to process, and our president elect has had time to build his cabinet, apparently reflective of the 1950’s since that’s the era I feel that we’ve regressed to with the results.

I realize now that I’ve lived in my Bay Area bubble and I thought that most of the country would vote like us. And I also now realize that I’ve been part of the problem: being complacent throughout the elections except for engaging in occasional discussions/arguments/jokes with family and friends, and the every-now-and-then social media soapbox dialect that felt “safe” to me because most of my network leaned towards my comfy, human-rights loving left.


So here I am, trying desperately to become a part of the solution rather than the problem. Most of you know that I love making shit. What. Ever. It. Is. Knitting is high up there on the list and I’ve contemplated starting my own Etsy store but knitted goods JUST DON’T SCALE. It takes endless hours of carpal tunnel inducing hand work to complete something, and the going rate for these items just wouldn’t make it a very profitable business.

Instead, I will make something on my own time, and offer it up for “sale” through donations to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood. Because #lovetrumpshate, I’m serving up a teaspoon of love to help the organizations that will need our support during the next 4 years.

The current plan is to sell one or two items per week. I will not take custom orders but if I get overwhelming feedback to make more of a certain item, I will take this into consideration. I am only accepting orders from the US and will cover standard shipping myself.

Here’s how it works: if you see something you want to buy, you notify me through this form:

As soon as you hear back from me, go ahead and place your donation to your chosen organization and email me the confirmation. Here are the sites:

My goal for shipping is to get these items out within 2 days of receiving your confirmation.

I will start listing my items on this page. I’ll do my best to update this page when something is sold, but please keep in mind that I’m a mom with a full time job, so please bear with me!!

Happy shopping!

Teaspoon Hats

First up is the “Bad Ombre” baby beanie.

Price: $28

Cream to medium brown gradient. Size 12 – 18 months. It fits my son’s giant noggin very well (he won’t keep still for a photo so you’ll have to trust me when I say that it’s super cute on). 78% acrylic, 22% wool. Knitted in the round so there are no seams. It will keep your baby’s head very warm, but it’s not heavy or itchy. Giant pom pom included.




 “Nasty Woolen” adult beanie.

Price: $25

This is a size Sm to Med (it’s snug on me and I have a giant noggin like my son). 85% wool, 15% acrylic. Ties at the chin so you will never lose it. It’s a green hue of olive and chartreuse.