DIY marbled clay ring

Time for some bling, y’all.


Not the expensive, Kardashian kind. I’m talking about the DIY, cost-conscious, love-yourself-because-you’re-so-talented-you-can-make-it kind. And ain’t that the best, after all?

Ever since I got pregnant (in case you didn’t know) over a year ago, I couldn’t bring myself to wearing any jewelry. There was swelling EVERYWHERE. I was afraid my rings would get lost in the folds of flab and skin, never to be found again. Now that babes is 6 months old, I feel ready to rock a ring or two (that is, until babes chews on it or grabs it off my finger and throws it into goodness-knows-where).

Today’s DIY is in recognition of all the swollen fingers out there: moms, singletons, whoever is going through a little bodily transition but doesn’t have to apologize for it. Because this tutorial is one size fits you since you’re making it just for yourself.

You will need:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

At least 2 colors of polymer clay (of any kind)

Sharp edge (I used an old credit card)

Gold paint (optional – silver will work too)

Paint brush (only if you’re using the gold paint)

Cap off of a little bottle, or old ring


To start, roll the first color of clay into a tube. Do the same with the second color, and roll it around the first color tube.


Roll the whole darn thing together.


Fold and twist and combine (but not too much or the colors will blend too evenly) until you get the desired marbly goodness.


Roll into a ball roughly the size of the entire ring.


Flatten. Shape into a U with one straight edge.


Use the cap of the bottle or an old ring to cut out the circle.



Bake in the oven according to the directions of the clay.

Hang on a suspended stick to cool.

FullSizeRender (7)

Once the ring is cooled, start painting the gold paint to the sides of the ring.

FullSizeRender (6)

Let dry overnight.


Put on your finger and enjoy your Harry Winston moment, courtesy of toi!!



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