Wrapped rope bracelet DIY

It’s summer! Time for vacation! And sassy jewelry!

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I thought I’d be on DIY overload by now, but it seems like the more I do, the more I DIY. I’m also in full on vacay mode, so I’m enjoying my freedom by making a few things I can wear during the summer. We typically get fog and darkness this time of the year in San Francisco, but it’s shaping up to be June Bloom instead of June Gloom. So it’s time to break out the summer attire and accessorize with colorful pieces that will last year-round because color is ALWAYS in style (unless you’re a New Yorker).

You will need:


  1. Round nose pliers
  2. Flat nose pliers
  3. Wire cutter
  4. Scissors (I used the wire cutter because I was too lazy to walk down the stairs to get my scissors)
  5. 18 gauge gold wire or higher (don’t go lower than 18 or it’ll be too hard to manipulate)
  6. 18 inch rope (depending on the size of your wrist, you might want to go with 24 inches since I have Lilliputian sized wrists)
  7. Embroidery thread in the colors of your choice
  8. Embroidery needle (regular needle will do as long as the eye is big enough for the thread to go through)

Getting started


  1. Fold the rope into 3 sections, leave a loop on one end, and secure with a pin or needle.
  2. Cut a piece of gold wire about 5 inches in length.
  3. With your round nose pliers, make a little hook on one end of the wire.
  4. Hook it around the rope and wrap the rest around about 5 times.



  1. Thread the first color thread through a needle and stitch it into the rope against the gold wire.
  2. Pull the needle through but leave a tail that’s about 3 mm long.
  3. Pull the needle off the other end.
  4. Wrap the thread around to cover the tail.
  5. For the next color, repeat the same process except that you have to cover the first color as well when you begin wrapping.
  6. Repeat the process for the remaining colors. I free styled the colors and it turned out fine.



(Sorry about the photo quality, but it got late and I needed the light.)

  1. When you get to the end, leave about 2 mm of exposed rope.
  2. Thread the final thread through a needle.
  3. Stitch the needle through the thread of the body and pull tightly. Snip off the end and push the thread to cover it.
  4. Cut a piece of wire about 10 inches long.
  5. Make a loop bend on one end of the wire, measuring about 3 inches.
  6. Bend the remaining “tail” at a 90 degree angle to the loop.
  7. Place on the tip and start wrapping in the same fashion as the other end.
  8. Bend the loop to form a hook.
  9. ROCK IT on your wrist!


Bracelet on hand


Cost Estimate

  • Embroidery thread: $3
  • Rope: $2
  • Wire: $5
  • Pliers: $20 for a set

Total: $30 (PS – I bought all my materials minus the tools from Scrap for $1.)

Total for 1 bracelet (rough estimate): $10

Time Estimate

Less than 1 hour

Did I rope you into trying it? Let me know!

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