Insanely easy DIY wall yarn hanging

I’m in the midst of something big. But it’s taking a loooong time, so I thought I’d make something while I’m making something.

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There’s a huge resurgence in textile art, and I’m completely on board the yarn and loom train. A lot of my DIY projects somehow relate to my childhood. This time, I blame our family latch hook project. I wish we still had that furry beast. It would’ve shined in all of its 80’s glory today.

While I patiently work away at my bigger wall hanging project (I’ve sneak peeked with some photos on my Instagram page), I thought I’d share what I came up with in the mean time.  Seriously folks, this is easier than a 3-piece puzzle. Even a Kardashian could do it (although they’d probably pay someone instead). J’adore projects that don’t intimidate or instill fear in my creative innards.

Here’s what you need:


  1. Wooden dowel – I picked up a 14″ dowel from Scrap for practically nothing but you can get ’em at any craft or hardware store.
  2. Yarn. I have so much of it, I didn’t need to purchase any.

Ready for fast and easy?


Before you begin, tie a segment of yarn around the ends of the dowel so you can hang it on a nail while you work on your masterpiece.

  1. Cut your yarn into the length you desire. I cut mine into 5-foot segments. This is the most time-consuming part of the process, but it’s not terrible. The amount of strands you cut really depends on how full you want your hanging to be. Mine’s on the anemic side, but I like it.
  2. Take 3 or more strands at a time, bunch them together, and tie a rya knot. Take your strands and fold in half. Make the ends meet and pull them up and over from behind your dowel and pull through the loop.
  3. Keep going until the length of the dowel is covered.


I kinda like it like just that. I kept the ends uneven to form a V shape at the bottom.

Now it’s time to add more color. Cut segments that are shorter than the first color to add texture. I grouped my yarn into 2 strands instead of 3 just to mix it up. Using the same rya knot technique, add the next color yarn (in my case, black) in between the existing knots.


I evened out the bottom edge of the black strands by snipping with scissors, but I’m not liking how straight the cut turned out. I might play around to see if I can get a more natural edge.

I added a splash of pink to each end just for a pop of color.


And there ya have it. The easiest crafting project you’ll ever experience. Obviously, you can add more yarn and colors depending on how creative you want to get or how much time you have on your hands. I wanted to get back to big daddy project, so I made this a quickie.


How much money we’re talking about if I didn’t have supplies:

  • Dowel: $1
  • Yarn: $3

Total: $4

Total time: 45 minutes

Told you it was reality star easy! Now, go pull some strings and see what you come up with.

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9 thoughts on “Insanely easy DIY wall yarn hanging

  1. it’s awesome. Also entirely understand the “I’m in the midst of doing stuff, but it’s taking soooooo long I’m worried I’ll never blog again” scenario. Currenlty in the same predicament. Need more spare time!

    • Take your time! Don’t feel pressured because of the blog. It will take away the enjoyment of creating… least this is how I feel!

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