Thrifting Thursday: heavy metal edition

I’m mad about metallics. They sparkle. They shine. I guess I’m like a crow. So I thought I’d browse Craigslist in our lovely San Francisco Bay Area for all things shimmery today. We all know that brass is back but I’ll always be crazy for chrome.


Yes, I’m in a playful mood, and words are an easy target. Let’s put the pedal to the metal.


Left: brass vinyl rack, $10

This is soooo completely beyond cool, even hipsters would be impressed. Now that IKEA has stopped producing its Expedit shelf, perfect for vinyl storage, this is a great alternative for record collectors to proudly display their babies. And for $10! Skip 2 mocha-choca-lata-yayas at Starbucks Ritual Coffee this week and buy this instead.

Right: brass and glass curio cabinet, $50

Here’s the thing. Terrariums are huge right now. This is a great idea for a terrarium. Instead of displaying your Precious Moments collection, use this to store succulents and plants. It has a great shape and although $50 is more than I want to spend on anything, it’s a good deal.


Left: brass etagere, $150

I love this piece. It has an extension that makes it unique. I see a few rusty spots, but nothing that can’t be fixed. $150 isn’t a GREAT deal, but it isn’t terrible either.

Right: mouthwateringly fab Milo Baughman chair, $225

There’s a small puddle of drool by my keyboard and I’m not ashamed to say it came from me. It’s Milo Baughman, people. I’m also nuts about cantilever chairs. There’s something so seductive and sexy about the shape. It’s $225 so it ain’t cheap, but it’s one of those items that you can justify splurging on because it’s Milo Baughman and it’s FAB.


 Left: pair of brass pheasants, $10

Brass animals are da bomb. They’re popular accessories in home decor. They’re not typically $10, so this is a steal. Polish them up with Brasso and they’ll give you the bling without the hair-raising cost.

Right: Wassily/Breuer style chairs, $25 each

Another cantilever chair after my own heart. It’s not a rare style, but you can’t beat the price.


Left: brass etagere #2, $200

So yeah, they’re not that hard to find but I still love ’em. The price on this one is a little steep for Craigslist. I’d try to bargain them down to the $100-$150 range.

Right: brass arc lamp, $60

I REALLY like this lamp. I love arc lamps, so it caught my eye. There’s a mid-century feel to it and it stands out without being too flashy, sorta like me. *smirk*


 Left: pair of Breuer style chairs, $20

More cantilever chairs! If I recall correctly, we had these chairs in our dining room in the 80’s. I used to bounce back and forth on them because the cantilever design made it so easy and fun.

Right: yet another cantilever chair, $125

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I take it as a sign that I WILL OWN A CANTILEVER CHAIR in my near future. Yup. $125 is steep, but it’s a great color, design, and from what the ad says, in really good condition. Pay no more than $100.


Left: vintage wire stand, $30

Love these wire pieces. You can always spray paint them in a different color, or the same to make them look brand new. I personally like the character of peeling paint and rusty corners, but I’m weird like that.

Right: vintage wire stand, $50

It looks very similar to the one on the left, but in gold and for more money. I’m not sure I’d pay $50 for it, but it’s a nice piece.


Left: MCM side table with magazine rack, $45

I love built ins on classic pieces, like telephone tables or chairs. This is a sweet little piece that is functional and stylie wylie. $45 is decent, considering how much people are asking for on mid century modern pieces these days.

Right: rusted bench, $200

I know I said I love rusty pieces but this is a little much for me. So is the price. I usually include one piece I want but costs too much in my listings. This is just that. I would love a patio with some old wire chairs and tables, not perfectly spray painted, surrounded by succulents and herbs. One day.


Left: pair of MCM wire patio chairs, $300

Speaking of patios, these chairs have been on my radar for a while. I think I’ll try to make an offer. I can’t see myself paying more than $200 for the pair, but I doubt the owner will accept an offer that low. We’ll see!

Right: vintage patio set, $150

Just the right amount of rusty. It might need some TLC, but it’s a really cute set and I love the striped chair cushions. $100 and I’m on it!


Now, will at least one of you go get yourself a bargain and report back to me? Even if it’s not on my list? Just to make me feel like I’m not alone in my pursuit of all things second-hand? Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday: heavy metal edition

  1. we’ll be hunting for goodies in the finger lakes area of new york state in a week. i am not sure what to expect, although my guess would be a lot early americana. i would be interested in some primitive pieces for the century home feel of our house. we’re also doing the attic in dutch modern so maybe we’ll find some things for that project? fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Lin, what great finds!!! Love the curio cabinet! You are soooo right, would be fantastic for storing and displaying beautiful succulents, plants, flowers.. oh, the possibilities! Thanks for a great post!

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