Local hot spot: Succulence

Someone hide my credit card STAT.


I know, I said STAT. IN ALL CAPS. That’s because I really mean it this time. Folks, step into San Francisco’s succulent lovers’ sanctuary. Appropriately named and perfectly located, Succulence is not to be missed if you’re crazy about cacti and other drought tolerant hotties.

What started out as a neighborhood video store evolved into a plant obsessive’s dream. Owners Ken and Amy Shelf took the advice of their friend Darcy Lee (of fellow neighborhood gotta-see-it store, Heartfelt), who suggested that they sell succulents from the store’s back patio. That’s the great thing about Bernal Heights. There’s a strong sense of community here and that hasn’t changed since I became familiar with the hood in the mid-90’s. (Friends of mine owned a terrific flat on Elsie street that they purchased for…oh forget it. They bought it in the 80’s so you can guess and I don’t feel like being an #!^^@hole today to you guys.)



It’s not a huge space, but there’s plenty of eye bonerz here and you will “ooh” and “ahhh” your way through the place (if you’re plant-crazed like me).


Terrariums and air plants and moss, oh my.


Prices are….let’s just say I passed out while standing up. Nice knowing you, credit limit. But I quickly gained consciousness by the sight of insane goodness everywhere.

The patio is pretty much my DREAM BACKYARD one day (all caps so the hubs can see it as he doesn’t always read every single word of every single post I write).


Love at first sight.


Succulent Sunday for your Monday!

Succulence is located in Bernal Heights:
402 Cortland Ave
San Francisco, CA

Open Monday to Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

8 thoughts on “Local hot spot: Succulence

    • I know! I love that wire chair. I’m desperate to find one that’s rusted and worn. As much as I love Bertoia, I don’t want to buy one that a gazillion other people own!

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