Easy DIY macrame plant holder

It’s Sunday. Let it all hang out.


The macrame craze may not be one you’ll ever understand. Some folks hated it in the 70’s and some probably hate its comeback even more. But there’s just something about the laid back, boho, hippie chic feel of a modern take on macrame, especially when it’s a dummy-proof project like this one. Seriously folks, this is ridiculously easy.

You’ll need:

  • A roll of string
  • Pot of plants
  • Moss
  • Willing fingers

This is the string I used for my project. I bought it for a couple bucks and some change at Lowes.


Cut 8 strands of equal length. The length will depend on how low you want to hang your pot, then double it. I measured mine at about 5 feet. Bunch the string together and fold in half to form a noose.


I secured the string using copper coupling that I had from my wall hanging project. You can get them at Lowes or Home Depot for a bit of spare change.

Divide the string into pairs as such:


Octopussy! Start knotting the pairs of string as low as where you’d like the TOP of your plant to be positioned.


Knot alternate couples to form a net pattern, all the way around. It doesn’t have to be perfect!!! Imperfection is charming.


When you’ve knotted as much as you’d like (I did 3 rows), bunch the string together and form one giant knot to hold the base of your pot. Make sure it’s tight.


Put your plant in, hang, and voila!


I love succulents and they require very little maintenance, so naturally, I went with one of my gazillion plants. I’m also obsessing over moss lately and picked this up from Lowes for a little more than $3.

photo 1 (28)

I sat a sheet of it in a pot and put my plant inside.


It’s another fun project you can do with kids. I’m not opposed to child labor in this instance. Get their little fingers to work those knots and make it a “fun with moss and soil!” day (remember to hose them off before you let them back in the house). They’ll get tired and you’ll get to enjoy a new piece of home decor. It’s a win-win!


I’d love to hang around, but the weather’s a-calling and the weekend is coming to an end.

Happy laid-back, boho Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Easy DIY macrame plant holder

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  3. I received a Christmas cactus today from visiting friends and was trying to figure out where to put it because I have a cat that LOVES to dig at and chew any kind of greenery. My mom mentioned that it was sad that I didn’t know macrame. Then I found your site. I now have a Christmas cactus hanging in a macrame hanger. TY so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. going to try this now:) I got a 3 pack of twine from dollartree and a 3 pack of small pots. its practice but hey that’s about 66 cents a piece! total $2 for all 3.
    they have jute twine at dollartree 148 feet (for colors) and much more I think about 280 feet if plain natural beige colored jute twine. colors were in craft section and natural jute was in hardware section. pots in gardening section. Thank you for this

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