Thrifting Thursday: additional 50% off tonight!!!!!

Some of you may wonder: do I ever get tired of going to the same store over and over again? The answer is obvious. OF COURSE THE HECK NOT.


Aside from the occasional odd ball, it’s a rather pleasant experience for me. The staff is friendly and will often offer me discounts even when none are in effect. Does Nordy’s do that? NO. Does Macy’s do that? HECK NO. Let’s do this, people. I’m dying to share the finds!

You know the drill. Sally’s Army, Valencia Street, San Francisco. Furniture enjoyed an additional 50% off tonight. Music to my ears, yo.


Left: cute tufted yellow wooden accent chair. $85 $42.50

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. I might paint the chair black or teal or red. Yes, I said red. I love red and yellow together. Perhaps it’s the Chinese in me, but I think it’d be a swell combo.

Right: cute tufted accent chair. $85 $42.50

I wish you could reach into the image and pull out the fabric to see it in person. It’s fab. The welt (interior design fah fah for piping) is in bright orange and the rest of the chair is in the sweetest pale pinkish beige tweed that ever tweeded.


Left: industrial mid-century modern cabinet. $100 $50

I believe it’s teak. The cabinet is supported with a steel metal frame. Me likee very much. How very industrial modern of you, my dear cabinet. Here’s a closeup of the drawers. Not perfect but some refinishing will turn this bad boy into a hottie.


Right: Danish cabinet. $85 $42.50

Probably more from the 70’s but still a really nice piece. It needs refinishing but nothing too labor intensive. The little square knobs get my heart racing.


Left: 80’s white lacquer corner cabinet. $90 $45

I wanted this one. But I simply can’t hoard. Check out the brass details on the knobs.


Come to mama.

Right: brass lamp. $20 $10

Nothing fancy, but I really love the shade. Shades can be changed easily so I don’t usually judge a lamp by its shade, but this one pleased me.


Golden Girls floral couch. $90 $45

Hear me out on this one. If you can’t see the potential in this lovely lady, you can skip to the next batch of items. I love the 80’s Chinoiserie-chintz floral pattern. Am I turning into my grandma? Perhaps. The condition isn’t bad at all. Some steam cleaning and you’re good to go.


Left: rattan planter. $25 $12.50

I was contemplating hoarding this planter for one of my gazillion succulent plants, but I passed because I hoarded something else. What a cutie.

Right: silver ice bucket. $8.99 $6.30 (it’s considered a brick-n-brac item so only had an additional 30% off)

Barware and anything bar cart related are bringing some serious attention to vintage ice buckets. This one is clean, modern, and a steal.


Left: rattan chair. $30 $15 for the pair

Cute shape. It needs re-upholstering. I’d gussy it up with a black and white bold graphic print fabric, a la Marimekko.

Right: rattan magazine rack. $7.99 $3.50 (for some reason, it was an additional 60%!)

This one sits next to my couch in my hoarded space. It’s not hard to find these and they’re not typically that expensive, but I was still happy to see it and claim ownership over it. The space beneath our Nelson bench coffee table is now happily clutter-free and tidy. Most importantly, it’s hubby-approved.

Happy Thrifting Thursday, y’all!


8 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday: additional 50% off tonight!!!!!

    • Seriously Christa! I have to resist the urge to hoard each time I come across fab finds. I feel like one day, I’ll lose all control and end up with one of those jam packed storage lockers you see on tv.

  1. Hi Lin,
    I absolutely am lovinggggg these finds!! Awesome-nesssssssss! Not that that is even a real word, haha! The yellow chair.. love! The mid-century cabinet…love!! The rattan chairs…yup, you guessed it.. loveeeee! Great job on your finds. I am doing some thrifting too and absolutely loving it! Thanks for following me by the way! xoxo, Tamara @ soulspacedecor

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