Friday finds

Friday is the new Thursday. Or it is the other way around? I skipped my Thursday thrifting because I knew there wasn’t an additional discount on furniture, so made a plan to go tonight instead. My foresight borders on genius.

photo 2 (15)

All brilliance aside, I’m a hoardaholic. I pride myself on not making any major furniture purchases in the past few months. That all came to an exhilarating, marvelous end tonight. Everything in the store was an additional 50% off (except for the infamous Quality Corner where the discount was a sad, weepy 20%) so you can’t blame me for caving in.

But first things first. I give you my finds tonight. Same spot, same drill. If you’re new to my blog, everything you see is from the Salvation Army store on Valencia Street in San Francisco, a.k.a. my second home. They know me there. All of them.


Granite top metal X base side table

Interesting little guy. I’d spray paint the legs brass or copper. I’m seriously crushing on copper. I think about it all the time. Stay tuned for a blog post on my crush very soon. But back to this cutie. It’s a functional, perfectly respectable piece that would look great anywhere, in any style of space. $20. Tonight’s price: $10.


Left: 80’s white lacquer credenza

I’m not entirely sold on the 80’s comeback yet, but there’s something about this piece that caught my eye. I’d switch out the cheap chrome hardware for brass fixings. I could see it with a black and white rug, and black and white accents. $125. Tonight’s price: $62.50.

Right: pink accent chair

We get a ton of these style of chairs at Chairish, so it’s not one of those finds that makes you go OH MY GAWD LOOK AT WHAT I SCORED but it is a sweet little piece. It needs a bit of love – give it a coat of paint and a steam clean and that should bring it back to life. $40. Tonight’s price: $20 (which is too high in my opinion).


Left: brass chandelier

Simple and elegant. Polish it up, or spray paint it red. Or blue. Or black. Or pink. Not sure how you’d test whether it works or not, but I really liked it. $20. Tonight’s price: $16.

Right: ice bucket

I almost hoarded this hottie. I couldn’t tell if it was old, but it caught my eye from across the Quality Corner. It looked like plastic. I’ll call it bakelite. Brass trimmings. I have the perfect bar cart for it to call home, but I passed. Talk about restraint! $10. Tonight’s price: $8.


Left: dream catcher

For the Boho in you. VERY Free People. I’d hang it above a wicker rocker with furry pillows on a kilim rug. There’s one at Urban Outfitters that looks like a wussy compared to this fine feathered fellow. $12.50. Tonight’s price: $10.

Right: mid-century modern(?) swivel lamp

I didn’t like the shade on this lamp, but the base was TO DIE FOR. It was made from what seemed like teak wood and had a circular brass base and swivel neck. Sleek (after some polishing, of course). It’d look better with a round white globe instead of its current shade. $20. Tonight’s price: $10.

photo 2 (15)

Burl wood and brass mirror

Pretty and ornate. I think this would look sassy in a modern space. Think: all white furniture, white walls, ornate mirror above fireplace, brass sputnik lamp, brass coffee table. Just a clean, light room with a few metallic accents and this pretty little mirror. $125. Tonight’s price: $100.

And the one that broke my near Nirvana, no-furniture-buying streak:


Lin’s rattan chair

I beelined to this baby. I really did. My regular Sally’s guy said, “You’re getting that one, aren’t you?” and proceeded to bring it behind the counter for me before I could even begin to say OH HELL YESSS. It’s going in our bedroom so that hubby can throw his clothing on it. I call that functional. $30. Tonight’s price: $15.

The discount lasts through tomorrow. Go get ’em, dear ones. The deals are a waitin’.


*Update* Upon closer inspection of my newly acquired chair, I saw the following label underneath the seat:

photo (39)

Of course, this sparked an intense and slightly frustrating research effort on the Internet to find out more about my chair. I started recognizing a lot of the Calif-Asia made furniture, like these basket chairs. It also appears that design legend Milo Baughman created some pieces for the Calif-Asia company during the 50’s. I highly doubt that my chair is Milo-made, but it was thrilling to learn this bit of information.

Sometimes, stuff like this just makes me feel a teensie bit better about my hoarderlism.




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