Thrifting Thursday Finds

I know what you’re thinking. Is she going to write about anything other than thrift store deals? DOES ANYTHING ELSE MATTER? I mean, very little compares to the thrill of the thrift store hunt, so here we goooo!!


Salvation Army, Valencia Street, San Francisco. AGAIN. I can’t explain the excitement I feel as I approach this place. It’s far more intense than a kid in a candy store. It must be similar to what JLO feels just before seeing auditions for young male Latino backup dancers.

My adrenalin rush came to a screeching halt when I realized that there wasn’t an additional discount on furniture, unlike many of my former visits. You see, they switch things around depending on inventory and almost everything other than furniture was an additional 40% off today. Big, huge, monumental disappointment. I braced myself for sticker shock…


1. Marcel Breuer style chairs

Set of four. I’m pretty sure they’re vinyl, but they are 70’s fab and would go great with a white Saarinen tulip table (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but IKEA has a knockoff so you don’t have to sell your car) or a Platner dining table (IKEA does NOT have a knockoff so you’re carless with this one). $15 each.

2. Black 80’s lacquer coffee table

This table falls under the category I call “craptastic,” a term introduced to me by my fabulous friend Alex. It’s so bad, it’s good…kinda like this song, which makes me purrrr. Back to the table – this style of furniture will be hot before you know it (some are already making their way into designer portfolios as we speak). The top has an awesome faux marble pattern that you can see here:


If the chrome details were brass instead, craptastic Xs 2.  $15.


3. Old as heck 4-drawer wooden file cabinet

I picture this in an office space that is mostly white with black and white accents. I love anything old, especially when you can see remnants of the past. The labels look like they were written in the 60’s or 70’s, judging from the fountain pen ink. $200. I almost fainted but doing a little looksie on the Web made me a believer that $200 is a total deal for this guy.


4. 70’s sectional

CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT BECAUSE SOMETHING IS SMOKING HOT IN HERE!! I kid you not. When I saw this hottie, I let out a little scream. It’s in the most luxe coral red velour, and I can see it against a mirrored wall with metallics EVERYWHERE. $150.


5. Drexel campaign style dresser

Handsome. Sizzling hot right now. Selling for a lot more elsewhere. Excellent condition. $250.

6. Drexel campaign style buffet

And here’s the matchy matchy buffet since matchy matchy is baaaack. $250.


7. Antique wooden dresser

This cutie would look amazing with a little brass mirror hung above it against a teal colored wall, in a cozy dining room with a modern table and random chairs.  Mash it up, folks! The wood grain is gorgeous and you don’t need to do anything to it. $175

8. Armless French chairs

Not exactly my style, and the upholstery needs to be rescued or replaced. But they are a gorgeous couple and would look great in a rustic neutral cottage-style living room or as a contrast to an industrial space. $85 each.

Of course, I HAD to browse the clothing section with the additional discount. I left with 2 cropped sweaters, a pair of pleated khakis a la Liz Claiborne 1982, and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans (a nice way of saying mom jeans) for $20.

Thank gawd for Thursdays!

4 thoughts on “Thrifting Thursday Finds

    • Hi Megan! I was ready to haul that sectional out of there on my back! You’re in NYC – I imagine that stuff in the thrift stores get picked over there pretty early? Maybe CT or Pennsylvania would be better bets. I used to love the flea market in New Hope!

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