Throwback Thrifting Thursday

I’m thinking this will be a regular thing for my blog, because it gives me another excuse to indulge in my obsession treasure hunt. It’s a looney tunes habit disguised as motivation for fresh content. I know you see right through me. But here’s how *I* see it: when I hear from readers who get inspired to thrift at this very store, I feel gratified and it only encourages my behavior. So deal with it. You might actually score something.


Andddd here we go with tonight’s finds, brought to you by looney tunes lady needing content for her blog. These were all at the same Salvation Army on Valencia Street in San Francisco that I scoured last week, in a hood full of hipsters who refuse to step foot here because it’s become too mainstream. Goodie for me (and you).


1. YATVC: Yet Another Tufted Velvet Couch

I’m beginning to think that I’m hallucinating velvet couches because of my desire to own one. This Chesterfield style stunner is hot and in the most gorgeous shade of brown bordering on gold. $125. All furniture was an additional 50% off tonight. $62.50.

2. MCM (mid-century modern) style chair

I almost called the hubs to come get this one. It needs a bit of cleaning, but it’s a really nice chair and much better in person than my stalkerista shot. $40. Tonight’s price: $20.


3. MCM style dining chairs

I don’t know what you’d do with 2 chairs (except to use them at the head of each end of the table and different chairs for the 4 in the middle), but these were pretty hot. Perfect condition. The wood stain is a little too dark for my liking, but they’re still gorge. $20 each. Tonight’s price: $10 each.

4. Wicker shelf

I’d gussy up this bad boy with brass animals and trinkets. It was a bit too high in price for the Salvation Army in my opinion, but tonight’s discount merited its inclusion here. $30. Tonight’s price: $15.


5. Burlwood vanity

Burlwood is bananas right now. Everyone wants it. This vanity has been here for a while I suspect because of its high price. But it’s in pristine condition and really beautiful. Put it in an all white room. $300. Tonight’s price: $150.

6. MCM style dining table (small)

This is not wood but a wood veneer. Still, it’s a nice piece and would do well in a small space (I had one in my bachelorette pad in Cole Valley forever ago that I picked up from a store in the Mission for $15 before the Mission got all hip and ewww). $40. Tonight’s price: $20.

7. Floral couch circa Golden Girls.

You’re probably thinking…what the??!? Don’t you dare say anything about my Golden Girls. I love me some Blanche, Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy. This shizzle is coming back in style in a huge, Florida (and please don’t call it Flo-RYE-dah) Southern Regency way. Modernize it with some MCM chairs and a sleek coffee table. And don’t forget the palm!

My job is done. Now, go make mama proud and get yourself some deals.

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