Well, hello there!

When does it end? You know, that seemingly incurable urge to possess more and more material things? I’m convinced that I’ll take it to my grave. Until then, my wish list is constantly evolving for the hotties that I want but refuse to acquire due to dangerous hoarding tendencies and my quest for material detachment. (Those who know me personally, I can see you rolling your eyes and laughing. It ain’t helping.)


As an outlet, I will share with you my “Well, hello there!” stash: the items that have a hold on me, give me goosies, make my heart flutter, my eyes widen, and my head incapable of making rational life choices. This, my friends, would be my living room, you know, if I didn’t already have one. (Click the image to enlarge it. You won’t want to miss the details.)


1. Mini wall weaving, $45  2. Gold gilt wheat lamp, $595  3. Mid-century side table, $450  4. Slat bench, $525  5. Beni Ourain diamond rug, $1963.80  6. Dog silhouette throw pillow, $22 7. Kenneth Cole faux fur pillow, $39.99  8. Heart pink hook pillow, $48  9. Yellow Acapulco chair, $398 10. Pink ikat pillow, $36.89  11. Tribal woven pillow sham, $225  12. Clear coffee table, $279  13. Mid-century teak nesting tables, $449  14. Mid-century floor lamp, $650  15. Sunburst wall clock, $260  16. Blue velvet tufted couch, $749  17. Oval vine gold mirror, $283.80

Just the right amount of whimsy mixed with a perfect dose of classic vintage. I’d paint my walls in a pale blush or lilac blue hue. Hubby wouldn’t be too happy, but that’s why there are mancaves.

Let’s talk about a few of the hotties on this list. I’ve always wanted a blue velvet couch. I’m obsessed with anything in that material, clothing included. It’s such a rich, luxe look, yet there’s something a little Boho about it. This image from Emily Henderson contains the ultimate blue velvet couch. Actually, it contains the ultimate living room. Correction: THIS would be my living room. The Aztec style wall hanging was among the first items to go when she had her inaugural moving sale with Chairish last year. Meow.


But since it’s Emily Henderson’s living room, let’s get back to the one that would be mine if I didn’t already have one.

I luuurve a clear coffee table to give the illusion of a bigger room, but I’m not a fan of glass top tables. A plastic (I like to call them lucite) table is safe, sturdy, and a great way to store stacks of magazines or books, as seen in this Apartment Therapy shot.


And did you notice the yellow dog silhouette throw pillow?!?


It’s dangerously close to being a part of my current living room. I’m also breaking a sweat for those yellow Acapulco chairs. 

But wait…there’s more! I spotted this brass deer head wall mount after I put the collage together. IN.LOVE.


But alas, I will hide my wallet and pine away….

I’m dying to know: am I alone in my hopeless pursuit not to hoard or consume? Or are there others like me who are torn between retail abstinence and taking that euphoric swipe of the credit card? And if so, what’s on your crack wish list?

6 thoughts on “Well, hello there!

  1. I love Velvet right now. I want something similar to what Emily’s got in hers….only in ORANGE!!!! I think she one the “Homies” for her blog this year. Lucite is a great idea for function that doesn’t take up much visual space. You’re not alone in your pining!

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