Sally’s does it again

It’s Thursday and while some celebrate the coming of the weekend by posting throwback photos, I mark the occasion by posting thrifting photos of my finds at the local Salvation Army (a.k.a. “Bargainista Paradise”).


Seeking salvation from a long day of work, I drove to Sally’s (we’re on a 70’s name basis) in search of treasure. After chanting “I shall not hoard” over and over again as I scoured the store, I left with only two items. I’m friggin’ proud of this, peeps. I will let others claim bargain shopping victory in an act of selflessness.

Without further ado, I share with you my top finds tonight at the Valencia Street store.



1. Brass coffee table

Brass is everywhere and trending big time right now. You can replace the glass top with a marble slab to give it an updated and unique look. I’m not a fan of glass top tables, I already have a coffee table, and I want to stay married, so I walked away. Price: $55. Extra 40% off tonight: $33.


2. Brass coffee table #2

That’s more than I typically spend at these stores but it’s priced higher because of the base, and it’s in pristine condition. $175. After additional discount: $105. Top view for a better shot of the base. It’s a beauty.


Here’s a yummy inspiration shot from Apartment Therapy to give you an idea of styling a room with a brass coffee table. Sassy brassy.


Moving right along…


3. Wicker divider/screen

Wicker/rattan/cane/bamboo is sizzling hot right now. I’ve seen people upcycle and repurpose these screens as bed heads, which looks rad. $22.50. After additional discount: $13.50.


4. Wicker side table

Solid, cute, and functional…just like every man should be. You can bar cart the heck out of it too, with tropical drink fixings in a Trader Vic’s or tiki bar style. $25. After additional discount: $15.


5. Slat back chairs

You really have to see the potential in these. I picture them upholstered in a yellow/white chevron pattern fabric or brightly colored serape fabric. $10 each. After additional discount, $6 each.


6. Brass lamp

This lamp is just plain cute (and works!). It’s more on the girlie side and would definitely fem up a space with its frilly shade. I see this lamp in a room with pink/blush or purple hues, or Pantone Radiant Orchid of the Year blah blah, as the design community likes to boast. $20. After additional discount: $12.

really, really, really wanted everything above but couldn’t justify any of the purchases and had to remind myself that I’m no longer a hoarder. So I sulked, snapped some shots for you bitches, and walked away.

Oh don’t you worry your pretty little heads, my friends, Mama Thrift here didn’t leave completely empty handed.

I scored this sweet pink boucle wool vintage coat (that hubby thought was a bathrobe – sacrepink!) for $7.50. It’s in pristine shape and the color is pure fabulosity. I’m thrilled to bits with this find.


The best part? The lining!

It was definitely coat themed tonight because this was my second purchase, for $9.60. It’s very Audrey Hepburn 1960’s mod and passed my super comfy (and non static inducing) test. Bonus.


I realize I will pay more for dry cleaning both purchases than I paid for them, but it’s totally worth it.

Sally’s does it again! And I emerged from the thrift store rubble a non-hoarder with two fabulous coats. Now, that’s what I call salvation.

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