Leave it to weaver

Are you sitting down? The 70’s are baaaack, and so am I! Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t go MIA. I was MIA-rried.

Aside from the hub bub around my nuptials, there was a period of about 2 months during which life flashed by with a blink of an eye. Seriously. Here we are, at the end of February 2014, with the 70’s making a ginormous comeback in both fashion and decor. And with that, I became mad for macrame and wild for weavings all over again. I can recall working on little craft projects as a child: cross stitch, latch hook, embroidery, macrame. They were the shizzle back then and slowly becoming groovy again today.


Naturally, I took to the Web for some quickie tutorials on DIY wall weavings and macrame. First up:


While the cat’s away, the mouse will macrame. Hubby had to leave town for a family emergency so I made a little trip to Lowes, picked up some copper piping, couplings, and rope, and got obsessive busy during the evenings without my partner-in-crime.

It started out with this after getting some tips from an online tutorial…..


With the help of another life-saving resource, I made my way down the burlap waterfall. It was trial and error; the pattern that came to form was just me twisting and tying as I saw fit.


For less than $20, I created my very first (since childhood) macrame wall hanging. Amateur at best, but it’s a start and proof that minions like me can actually do it. Kurt Vonnegut said it best: Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. It’s far from perfect and a little wonky, but it’s a first. If I can do it, anyone (and I mean anyone) can too….as long as you have the fever for it and want your soul to grow.

And in true stalkerista fashion, here are a couple of standouts that make my creation look like a 5th grade craft project. These are from Sally England, a Portland-based artist whose technique and imagination result in killer pieces. Total BOSS.



NOW! Love the branch concept.


Dwell Magazine recently showcased the macrame-on-crack owl at Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island home, a domestic mecca that I covered in an earlier post.

I’m not really hootin’ and hollerin’ but it’s definitely a standout piece.  I’m a little more goose bumpy about the delicious rattan rocker with its sheepskin throw cover. Rrrrrrrrrrrr….


Moving right along….


Look ma! I made a loom out of cardboard! It’s not all loom and gloom. It worked REALLY well. And yes, there’s a hint of hi! i’m 6 and making my first craft project! but I’ve never claimed to be an expert in anything and you have to start somewhere.

To get started, I found this Etsy blog post for my tutorial. It will show you how to make the cardboard loom. I dug up some yarn that’s been sitting in my I’ll knit that one day drawer and got right to it.


Here’s the best part about this project: you can weave just about anything. Rope, ribbon, a shredded up old t-shirt, nude hosiery (which I’m sure will be back one day), old bra straps (yes, you can and should recycle everything). The sky’s the weaving limit, as long as you have a vision. My vision was to not mess up, and it served me pretty well. I alternated lights and darks, and followed the lead of my needle and mind.






The finishing takes up a bit of time, requiring nips and tucks of the loose ends of yarn. This site showed me the way.

I hung both pieces side-by-side in our guest bedroom.


At the very least, it’s practice for something bigger I’m aspiring to – perhaps an actual wall-sized homage to my not-so secret love for the decade in which I was born.

Back to stalking….here are some insane works of fiber art that inspired me to start my projects. The folks behind All Roads are mad talented. I’m not exactly sure how they haven’t suffered sight impairments or herniated discs by now.


My favorites:


And behold the muther of wondrous weavers everywhere:


This is the extraordinary work of Justine Ashbee of Native Line. I pretty much want everything, but if I had to choose a couple…


…..for my stairwell, and..


…for my foyer.

Heavy sigh as I stare at my cardboard loom. Yup, I’ll be saving my pennies to claim ownership of one of Justine’s masterpieces.

So, guys and gals, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your weave AND your groove on…soul growth guaranteed!

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