Color me great: hot combinations to change up your space

There’s a widespread phobia among the masses that cling to safe neutrals and avoid the use of bold colors. Here’s to the end of that.

Mama always told me: Spruce up your life with color! It’ll change your luck and bring new energy to the mundane. So I’m making a special dedication to the most influential woman in my life with this post. Let’s cover the color combinations that mom and I love — some may surprise you. Continue reading

Richard Neutra’s Coveney house for sale

Don’t get too excited. It’s in Pennsylvania.


Not that there’s anything wrong with living in Pennsylvania, especially in a Richard Neutra house. Red door + mid century + respect to environment = major drool. Do I sound like a teenager? I’m not offended. This kind of architecture makes me talk the talk. It’s like, wow. Continue reading

Modern takes on Shaker furniture

I thought I’d shake things up a little today.

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Can I get a collective “WANT!!” from the audience? Contrary to popular belief, I admire more than just mid century modern design. My love for Shaker furniture dates back to the early 90’s — a time in my life when I visited New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania regularly. One of my favorite things to do was to browse the goods at the New Hope Flea Market, where I got acquainted with Shaker furniture. Continue reading

Pretty fabulous living in a prefab home

With Independence Day just around the corner, I thought I’d cover the great American prefab home as an homage to our country’s birthday.

Wait, wha?!? This girl’s done gone cuh-razee. Continue reading