Hottie of the week

Frankly, my dear, this house is hot.


My hottie of the week is located in the hills of San Anselmo in Marin County, just a few minutes north of San Francisco. And it happens to be on the market.

I recently stalked visited the exterior of the compound to see it for myself. After navigating through central San Rafael, I made my way up a narrow, winding road that had a pretty steep incline and finally arrived at Destination Wright.


For a mere $2 million, you could live in a house designed by the man posthumously recognized as the greatest American architect of all time. You might be familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright’s more famous masterpieces, such as Falling Water, the Guggenheim Museum and the Robie House.

I love the story behind this house because it’s a great example of an average, middle-class citizen fulfilling his dream of living in an architectural prodigy. That being said, the house is more modest in size and design compared to Wright’s other works.


But it doesn’t compromise on hotness.


photo (13)

Wright designed the Usonian house for the Berger family in the mid 50’s. At the time, Robert Berger was a professor at the College of Marin and a trained engineer. He wrote to Wright and asked him to design a house that he could build himself. Not only did Wright agree to the task, but he also sent along blueprints for a dog house after Berger’s 12-year-old son, Jim, wrote Wright a letter separately with the request. I’m a crazy dog lady and I wouldn’t have thought of such a bold request. Kudos to you, kid. 

It took Berger 20 years to finish the $15,000 house. A more detailed history of the house can be read here.

What I love most about Wright is his mastery of creating very organic and earthy styles of architecture, where a structure blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings….


….and respects the environment in which it stands.


The wood work throughout the home is exquisite, perhaps a little much in many people’s minds, but it’s what you’d expect from Wright (hot alert: Danish dining chairs).


Before you start visualizing a kitchen remodel involving granite countertops and a tile backsplash, think about how that cookie cutter look would clash with the original aesthetics of this home.


It wouldn’t quite work. In fact, it would be a horrible dishonor to Wright’s work.


I could sit and stare out those windows all day.




Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t change a thing (except for swapping out the electric cooktop and fireplace for more energy friendly alternatives). I think my hottie of the week is Frank Lloyd oh-so Wright just the way it is.

To see it for yourself: Hottie of the week is located at 259 Redwood Avenue, San Anselmo, CA 94960.

The listing can be found here.

Most of the photos were provided by Doug Del Fava and Shannon Parker
Frank Howard Allen Realtors – Kenwood, CA

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