Hottie of the week

This little Victorian hottie teases me each time I walk past it, which happens frequently since it’s just down the street from my home.


Built in 1900 and recently sold at a 900,000% return on its original price I’m sure (math was not my strongest subject), hottie of the week sits proudly on an elevated plot of land in my neighborhood.

It has obviously undergone an extensive remodel that is impressive. The color choices are subtle for a Victorian by Painted Ladies standards, but it works in an understated elegance sort of way. I love the contrast of blue and cream, and the variation in the lengths of the painted boards.


But what’s of particular interest to me is the torii-inspired front gate, reminiscent of a Shinto shrine (hot alert: Japanese architectural detail).


Here’s a closer look:


Several sources tell me that Victorian architecture has some early Asian influences, but I’m pretty sure the torii on this hottie is a later addition- and I love it. I will forever declare my love of contrast and in this instance, it works like a charm. Not one style is mutilating the other, like this.

Hottie of the week also teases me with the mystery of what’s behind the torii style front gate. As you walk by, you can hear a very zen-like rhythm of falling water that makes you wonder: is it a water feature? Koi pond? Hot tub? Mini Niagra Falls? Someone peeing in the front yard? My over-active imagination paints a picture of a Japanese garden with cherry blossoms, bamboo, bonsais, maples, ponds, falling water and moss covered stones. I am the carefree muse sitting by one of the ponds as the koi keep my soaking feet company.

So here’s to my hottie of the week – the hottie in my hood. May you continue to taunt me with your subtle elegance, soothing water chants (whatever the source may be) and visions of a utopian front yard in which I can let my imagination and koi-kissed feet run free.

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