Hot new hotel

Home away from home.


It’s pretty obvious that San Francisco is a haven for tourists that travel from near and far. And the city is in no shortage of chic hotels that can offer plenty of design inspiration. Continue reading

Cisco Home

We all just want to

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….especially when we find time to shop over long holiday weekends. One of my favorite things to do is plant myself in a neighborhood, grab a bite to eat in one of its many small restaurants, and stroll along a shop-lined street in search of interesting merchandise. Continue reading


I am so completely in love with this city, it’s ridiculous. Giving in to its breathtaking landscape is easy…..

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….which is why it has always been a popular shooting location for movies and tv shows. The city is also ladened with iconic landmarks that are camera-ready any time of the year. Continue reading

Gah gah for Guerneville

Phoebe, we’re not in San Francisco anymore.


Feeling the urge to get away from it all and replenish our souls with some clean, non-city living, we packed up for the weekend and drove north to one of my favorite spots in search of respite and renewal: the Russian River. Continue reading