Love thy neighbor

As if I needed yet another reason to be online, I joined a new social networking site called Nextdoor. Unlike Facebook, it’s a site that builds online communities of people living in the same neighborhood so they can share information on events, local businesses, education, security and anything else that may concern them. (Note: I’m not implying anything negative about Facebook, nor do I have any investments or affiliations with Nextdoor. I’m just a fan of any mechanism that allows people to communicate about pertinent issues happening right in their backyards.)

I love my hood. The weather is great, the views are spectacular and it’s packed with hot houses. When I started my blog, I naturally knocked on my Nextdoor network to gather post ideas and content. Turns out, people are jonesing to share their stories. Thanks to Heather, I have my very first “Love thy neighbor” feature. Heather and her husband bought a 1905 cottage in Potrero Hill and they recently gutted it as part of a major remodeling project. The permitting process took two years but they are finally on their way.

Here are some before photos. I promise the backstory is legit and I wasn’t just trespassing on a random property. I will post updates on Heather’s house transformation, so make sure to check back to witness the rebirth of a hottie in my hood.



A peek into the gutted interior from the front window:


4 thoughts on “Love thy neighbor

  1. I am glad that this is not a flip unlike so many other projects those days led by speculators and “flippers” … Looking forward for updates on Heather’s project!

    PS: Hey how did you take those pics with your height ???

  2. Aldo, funny how “Flipper” used to be better known as a dolphin from a tv show. My height is deceiving – I can do anything if I want it badly enough!

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