From spoons to salt

The spoon chandelier I spotted in Hipsterville over the weekend and featured in an earlier post reminded me of a trip I made to Poland over the holidays. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Krakow, the second largest city in Poland and the country’s old capital. Unlike Warsaw, Krakow was spared from heavy destruction during World War II because the head of the Nazi government loved it so much. I can understand why — the abundant charm throughout the city is illuminating even in the dark winter days. Continue reading

Hot for Hans, heritage…and HomeGoods?

Being a natural-born bargain hunter, I admit to holding a special place in my heart for discount stores. I paid frequent visits to TJ Maxx/HomeGoods in Santa Clara before moving back to the City because of its proximity to my home and work at the time. I often felt immersed in a cloud of gratification whenever someone would compliment me on a purchase, giving me the opportunity to declare, “I only paid XXX for it!!” Yes, I’m one of those.

During a recent visit, I noticed a pretty chair sandwiched in an aisle of not-so-pretty ones. Continue reading

Love thy neighbor

As if I needed yet another reason to be online, I joined a new social networking site called Nextdoor. Unlike Facebook, it’s a site that builds online communities of people living in the same neighborhood so they can share information on events, local businesses, education, security and anything else that may concern them. (Note: I’m not implying anything negative about Facebook, nor do I have any investments or affiliations with Nextdoor. I’m just a fan of any mechanism that allows people to communicate about pertinent issues happening right in their backyards.) Continue reading

Let’s spoon

San Francisco has changed significantly since I moved here almost 20 years ago. This is especially true for a neighborhood known as the Mission. Once a predominantly Latin community, the Mission is now a mecca for the City’s young, urban subculture, more commonly known as “hipsters.” Seeing hipsters loose on the streets of this neighborhood is similar to seeing new freshman students at your university when you’re a senior: you just feel old. Seeing hipsters shop at the stores you perused when it was still said Latin community because the merchandise is now considered vintage makes you feel dead. Continue reading

Mirror mirror

Growing up in Asia, I kept hearing about feng shui and how placement of furniture can have an effect on your love life, finances, health, and overall well being.

Mom would tell me, “Don’t put your bed there, facing the window! It’s bad feng shui!” It scared me so much that at one point, I honestly believed I was going to be kidnapped by large birds right from my bedroom during my sleep. And this is why I never read too much about the topic. I’d spend my life wondering if my placement of a table led to the untimely death of my goldfish, or some other tragedy in my life. Continue reading

Mama got her chairs did

After woefully neglecting the Dux finds for a few years, I decided it was time for a resuscitation rally. With the help of my partner-in-crime, my brother’s sander, and a lot of patience, I slowly witnessed their rebirth.

While waiting for stain layers to dry, I dug deeper into the history of the chairs and discovered they were designed by a gentleman named Folke Ohlsson who worked on these chairs in nearby Burlingame during the late 50’s. Continue reading